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Why I love usability

Scritto il 22/07/2009 da Alessandro Martin.    

Questo post è in inglese perché partecipa allo “usability library contest” lanciato da User Effect. Chiedo umilmente scusa a chiunque rimarrà turbato dall’uso sconsiderato della lingua. Non prendetemi troppo in giro che sono sensibile

Here’s the top 3 reasons I love usability and I want to improve my knowledge

  1. As a SEO specialist I know that I can do many good things to increase traffic and visibility of a website, but if your site is not well designed for user all you can obtain is an epic fail. Putting a website in the first position for the most competitive queries is completely pointless if users can buy your product because of a bad designed shopping cart or product listing. It’s a waste of bandwidth and money. I believe that usability knowledge can make me a better SEO specialist and can be the real ultimate SEO weapon.
  2. Although there are many smart people in Italy the overall level of the country in term of knowledge about Internet as technology and as medium is quite low. In many things we are five or six years late with respect to USA. Usability and user centered design and development are not so widespread and there are only few companies that offer usability studies as their core business. I believe that usability should become part of the culture of developer, marketeer, CEO and obviously web designers. Only if these people can really understand the benefit of usability we can have a big improvement of the Italian web scene. I want to improve my usability knowledge because I want to be a usability evangelist in my company and in my community.
  3. Well designed things make people happy. Think about all the times you find yourself frustrated for a bad designed websites or web application, maybe it’s a big site with thousands of users sharing same frustration every day… Let’s stop bad karma! I like to think about usability as a mean to make people less frustrated and more comfortable in many task of everyday life.

Let’s make the world usable!

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